Rules and Regulations:

Registration and Admission :

The school year begins from 1st April. Applications for admission and seat registration will, therefore, be accepted up to 31st March only. The application / registration forms and prospectus of the school can be obtained from the office of the school on payment of Rs.200/- per set. A non-refundable registration fee of Rs.500/- per child will be charged at the time of registration. Admission of a child to a particular class will be done after a written test for Class I onwards. The school reserves the right to decide the admission of a child in any class.

Security Refund :

Refund of security can be claimed by children leaving the school, after the academic session. No claim for refund will be entertained after the 30th of April. Security refund will not be made if the child leaves in the middle of the academic session. Pending dues if any, at the time of leaving school will be deducted from the security.

School Dress :

The following school dress is prescribed for the school.

Trousers - Coffee ColourTrousers - Coffee Colour
Full / Half Sleeves Shirt Full Sleeves Shirt
Fawn Colour Fawn Colour
Blazer Coffee Colour
with School Monogram
Pullover Coffee Colour
School Pattern Tie, Belt, Socks and Black Leather Shoes.
Skirts - Coffee ColourSkirts - Coffee Colour
Full / Half Sleeves Shirt Full Sleeves Shirt
Fawn Colour Fawn Colour
Blazer Coffee Colour
with School Monogram
Pullover Coffee Colour
School Pattern Tie, Belt, Socks and Black Leather Shoes.

On two of the week days School Pattern Track Suit with White P.T. Shoes will be compulsory for Sports both for Boys and Girls.

School Timings :

School timings will be as mentioned in Para A of the system of Education above. Any change in timings will be duly notified.
The school will remain closed on Sundays and other notified holidays, unless the children are asked to attend special classes.
Parents are advised to send their children to school regularly and punctually. They are also advised to pick up their child from the school themselves or through a person authorized by them in writing.

Curriculum :

Being a CBSE affiliated School a Uniform system of Assessment, Examination and Report Card is followed as per direction of the Board. Teachers regularly attend the CCE workshop. The medium of instruction is strictly English. All teachers are trained and conversant in English speaking. CBSE pattern of curriculum is strictly followed.

Computer Education :

Computer Education will be compulsory from Class III and above for which an extra fee will be charged.

Assessment and Valuation:

Under the Uniform System of Assessment, Examination for Classes VI-IX from Academic year 2017-18, the assessment structure and examination for classes I to VIII Comprises of two terms -
Term-I 20 Marks Periodic Assessment +80 Marks for Half yearly Exam
Term-II- 20 Marks Periodic Assessment +80 Marks for yearly Exam.
The Assessment structure for Class IX and X

A. Internal Assessment (20 marks)

1. Periodic Assessment (10marks Weightage)
There will be three periodic written assessment in the academics year in the month of July (Pre-Mid Term), September (Mid Term) and December(Post Mid-Term). The best of two will be taken.
2. Note Book submission(5 marks Weightage)
3. Subject Enrichment Activities (5 marks Weightage)
(a) Maths - Lab Activities and Project prescribed by CBSE/NCERT
(b) Science - Practicals prescribed by CBSE in curriculum.
(c) Social Science-Maps and Projects prescribed by CBSE in curriculum.
(d) Languages- Activities to develop effective speaking and listening skills.

B. Final Written Exam/Borad Exam in March (80 Marks)

School Diary :

A school diary will be provided to every child on payment. The parents are requested to carefully go through the diary everyday and comply with the instructions recorded therein.

Withdrawal :

Should a parent desire to withdraw his / her child from the school, one months notice will be necessary or else one month's fee will be charged.

Members of Sexual Harassment Committee-

(1) Mrs Meena Bharti President
(2) Mrs Sumanlata Secretary
(3) (a) Mrs Chandralekha Members
(b) Mrs Shalija Members
(c) Mrs Manju Sati Members